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Fourth Expansion For Battlefield 1, Apocalypse, Arrives In February

Game informer - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 12:54

The aptly named expansion for Battlefield 1 Apocalypse, the fourth major expansion, hits next month, developer Dice announced today. The hellish looking expansion brings with it five new maps including battles set in Passchendaele and Caporetto as well as two aerial dogfight-focused maps. There's also a new Air Assault mode that pits players against one another in planes.

Dice also says that Apocalypse includes new "vehicles, weapons, and gadgets" for players to get their hands on, but doesn't give many details outside of the Rocket Gun that the Assault Class can use to help take down enemy aircraft.

The expansion will be available to premium pass holders sometime next month, though a date has not been given. For the full rundown of what Apocalypse is bringing to the front, head over to the official page here.

Battlefield 1 was one of our favorite shooters of 2016, with Editor Matt Bertz writing in his review "the World War I setting feels refreshingly different than the modern sensibilities of contemporary Battlefield games."

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Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Bonus Episode Arriving On March 6

Game informer - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 12:35

Life is Strange: Before the Storm, the prequel to the original Life is Strange, finished off its three-episode arc in December, but there is one more episode left for purchasers of the Deluxe Edition of Before the Storm. Players will be going back in time once more, this time without time travel powers, and visit with Max and Chloe before they separate on March 6.

Titled Farewell, the bonus episode is entirely removed from Before the Storm's story, and reunites the original voice actors for Max and Chloe after the voice actor strike forced recasting for young Chloe. Between this episode, Before the Storm, and Life is Strange, the major events of Chloe's life are mostly covered.

The bonus episode, as mentioned, is exclusive to the Deluxe Edition of the game. It can be upgraded to if fans bought the regular version and want to play this episode, but the episode itself can't be purchased separately.

Before the Storm was developed by Deck Nine while original Life is Strange developer Dontnod focuses on Vampyr and an upcoming new Life is Strange game. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can read our reviews of episode 1 here, episode 2 here, and episode 3 here.


Our Take
I ended up really enjoying Before the Storm after being incredibly skeptical of it. It gave context to Chloe's empty rebellion and feelings of confused loss in the main game while also still leaving the mystery of who Rachel Amber is and how Max feels she compares with enough room to breathe. I'll play the bonus episode, but I'm still confused by Square-Enix's strange positioning of it as exclusive to a single edition.

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Alicia Vikander Shoots, Stabs, and Leaps In Latest Tomb Raider Trailer

Game informer - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 12:32

With the film's release just around the bend (March 16), Warner Brothers has unveiled a new trailer for the film adaptation of Tomb Raider. Fittingly, this version of Lara's adventures seems modeled after the 2013 reboot, with familiar elements like a ship being torn in two, a mysterious island, and the evil organization Trinity showing up.

You can watch the trailer yourself right here:

(Please visit the site to view this media)

For more on Tomb Raider, check out what we thought of Lara Croft's latest virtual adventure.

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Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Release Date Revealed

Game informer - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 12:19

After a delay last year, Microsoft today revealed the release of Age of Empires' Definitive Edition, a remaster of the first game that includes reworked graphics, sound, and UI. If that sounds up your alley, you'll be able to buy it on February 20.

But there's a catch. You can't buy it on Steam or GoG.  According to the store listing for the game, you'll only able to buy it for Windows' Microsoft store here.

For more on Age Of Empires, you can read up on Age Of Empires IV here.

Our Take
Trying to incentivize players to choose Microsoft store over their other digital stomping grounds with Age Of Empires, a game for a niche audience, seems pretty unwise. But hey, Age of Empires! It's good!  It's nice to see a classic get a touch up.

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Food Wars! The Second Plate Anime's English Dub Cast Revealed

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 12:15
Rob Mungle joins cast as Subaru Mimasaka
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Closed Alpha For Hunt: Showdown Closing In This Month

Game informer - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 11:55

Hunt: Showdown was one of the biggest surprises we played at E3. We loved the game's tense focus on survival, gothic atmosphere, tracking, and use of permadeath. And now, it looks like you'll have the option to find out for yourself if this hardcore multiplayer is for you.

Developer Crytek announced today that the game will enter closed alpha at the end of the month:

Starting on Jan. 31, a select group of PC gamers will be able to play Hunt: Showdown regularly as part of the game’s closed alpha testing phase via Steam. During closed alpha, the Hunt team will be testing gameplay, balancing, and backend functionality, as well as collecting feedback from the community. Closed alpha testers will be randomly chosen from the sign-up list, and those chosen will receive an email invite.

Those interested in signing up for a chance at getting an invite can do so here. For more on Hunt: Showdown, check out five reasons why editor Matt Bertz dug his time with it so much here.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Is A Mobile RPG Set Before The Books

Game informer - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 11:36

Portkey Games, the offshoot of Warner Brothers dedicated to publishing Harry Potter games, revealed its latest title in the Harry Potter universe today: a mobile RPG developed by Jam City. The game is called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and focuses on the events before the first novel and does not include Harry, Hermione, or Ron.

Instead, players get to create their own character and, according to Jam City will "experience life as a Hogwarts student." You can watch a brief snippet of this wizarding adventure here:

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Hogwarts Mystery is due out this Spring. For more on Harry Potter, you can read about the Harry Potter game coming from Niantic, the developers of Pokemon Go.


Our Take
I know people get skeptical and concerned about mobile games but I am super excited to play a Hogwarts game that doesn't have Harry and company along for the ride. That universe is strong enough on its own without its characters to support expansion.

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Complex x Complex, Lu Over the Wall Anime Win at 72nd Mainichi Film Awards

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 11:15
Films receive Best Animation Film award, Noburou Oofuji Award
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Pokémon Sun and Moon Players To Receive Legendary Pokemon Nearly Every Month Of 2018

Game informer - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 11:12

The Pokémon Company just announced that 2018 is the year of legendary Pokémon. What does that mean precisely? Get ready for a lot of Pokémon.

In celebration of the amazing power of Legendary Pokémon, look forward to opportunities to obtain these magnificent Pokémon over the course of the year. Every one of the Pokémon you'll get for your Pokémon Ultra Sun, Pokémon Ultra Moon, Pokémon Sun, or Pokémon Moon game is at least level 60 and will know awesome moves to help you dominate in battle! Plus, they may be holding a valuable Gold Bottle Cap to let you maximize the individual strengths of one of your Pokémon via Hyper Training.

Have fun collecting and battling with these awesome Legendary Pokémon all year long!

It's not exactly clear how players will receive these Pokémon, but details will likely become more apparent as we draw closer to February.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

You can find the full list of receivable Pokémon here, which includes the likes of Ho-oh, Kyogre, and Entei.

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Interview: Johnny Yong Bosch on Digimon Adventure Tri

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 10:41
Beloved veteran voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch chats about his role in Digimon Adventure Tri, stepping into an established character, and who his ideal Digimon partner would be!
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Today's Menu for Emiya Family Anime's Promo Video Streamed

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 10:15
Fate/stay night spinoff gourmet series debuts online on January 25
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This Week in Games: Nintendo Gone Wild

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 10:01
There's a mountain of brand-new Nintendo news, from Detective Pikachu to craft cardboard. PLUS: SNK Heroines, Final Fantasy XV returns and much more!
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Nippon Ichi Software Announces Usotsuki Hime to Mōmoku Ōji, 'project Nightmare' Games

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 09:35
Disgaea also gets 15th-anniversary HD remake
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ‒ Episode 41

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 09:00
"Despite being a solidly entertaining mini-arc, Team 7's first mission was paint-by-numbers shonen in many respects."
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Jump SQ. Crown Manga Magazine Ends, Jump SQ. RISE Magazine Launches in April

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 09:00
Beet the Vandel Buster manga resumes in new magazine
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King of Prism by PrettyRhythm Party Time Manga Ends

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 07:30
Manga based on anime film launched in November
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Ashita no Joe Spinoff Anime Megalobox Gets Manga in February

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 06:30
New anime centers on boxer who participates in underground fixed boxing matches
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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Game's Open Beta Trailer Streamed

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 05:30
PS4 game's open beta test runs from January 12-21
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New Baki Anime Reveals 1st Visual

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 05:00
The official Twitter account for the upcoming anime adaptation of Keisuke Itagaki's Baki (New Grappler Baki: In Search of Our Strongest Hero) manga revealed...
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Atsushi Ohkubo's Fire Force Manga Has 1.8 Million Copies in Print

Anime News Network - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 04:30
The 12th compiled book volume of Atsushi Ohkubo's Fire Force (En En no Shōbōtai) manga revealed on Wednesday that the series has more than 1.8 million...
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